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Developed by John D'Addario Senior, these medium gauge strings feature an 80/20 bronze alloy wrap that produces a bold, bright tone with lush lows and sparkling highs. The hexagonal core provides improved tuning stability and intonation, while the corrosion-resistant bronze wrap wire extends string life. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these strings will bring your acoustic guitar to life.

80/20 Bronze Alloy for Vintage-Inspired Tone

The 80/20 bronze wrap wire gives these strings a crisp, bright tone reminiscent of vintage acoustic guitars. The phosphor bronze alloy produces rich overtones and harmonic content, with a robust low end and articulate highs. Roll off the tone control for a warmer sound or leave it open for shimmering highs.

Hexagonal Core for Rock-Solid Intonation

At the heart of each string is a hexagonal core wire that provides superior intonation and tuning stability. The hex core's multi-sided shape grips the tuning post better than round cores, reducing slippage and keeping your guitar in tune through rigorous playing.

Medium Gauge for Balanced Tension and Playability

The medium gauge EJ12 set features string gages from .013" to .056", providing balanced tension and an ideal playing feel for most acoustic guitars. The lighter first and second strings make intricate fingerpicking a breeze, while the heavier bass strings produce a robust low end.

Built to Last

D'Addario strings are built for longevity and performance. The 80/20 bronze wrap wire is resistant to tarnish and corrosion, extending string life while maintaining tone. Premium materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes ensure consistency from string to string.

D'Addario EJ12 80/20 Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
D'Addario EJ12 80/20 Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings
D'Addario EJ12 80/20 Bronze Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings

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