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The D'Addario ECB81-5 Chromes XL Flatwound Bass Strings are designed to produce a vintage tone preferred by many jazz, pop, and R&B bassists. With a ribbon-wound, polished flatwound construction, these light gauge strings provide a smooth feel and balanced tension, while generating a full, thumpy bass sound. The ECB81-5 set is ideal for fretted and fretless basses alike.

Flatwound Design Provides a Smooth Feel and Vintage Tone

D'Addario's ECB81-5 strings feature a flatwound design. Made with a high carbon steel core, the stainless steel flattened ribbon wrap wire is expertly wound onto a series of interlocking under-windings, then precisely polished for unrivaled smoothness and a tonal presence. This construction gives the strings an exceptionally smooth feel that allows fingers to glide easily across the fretboard. Bassists looking to emulate an upright bass sound will appreciate the deep, thumpy tones these strings provide.

Light Gauge for Balanced Tension and Playability

With a .045-.132 gauge range, the ECB81-5 strings provide a light, evenly balanced tension that makes playing comfortable and effortless. The lighter gauge pairs well with long-scale basses, allowing the strings to vibrate freely without feeling too taut. For bassists who prefer a slinkier feel and fuller low end, these light gauge flatwound strings are an ideal choice.

Corrosion-Resistant Packaging Keeps Strings Fresh

D'Addario's ECB81-5 strings come packaged in a corrosion-resistant envelope to ensure the strings remain fresh when you open them. The reusable envelope also provides an ideal way to store your strings after opening to keep them protected and prevent tarnishing during storage. With high-quality, long-lasting materials and corrosion-resistant packaging, D'Addario strings provide exceptional value and performance.

D'Addario ECB81-5 Chromes XL Flatwound Bass Strings - Light Gauge
D'Addario ECB81-5 Chromes XL Flatwound Bass Strings - Light Gauge
D'Addario ECB81-5 Chromes XL Flatwound Bass Strings - Light Gauge

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