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The D'Addario Instrument Care Essentials Bundle gives musicians everything needed to properly maintain and protect their instrument. This all-in-one kit includes D'Addario's 3-step polishing system—restore, protect and shine—as well as hydrate fingerboard cleaner and a soft polishing cloth. The polishes utilize advanced chemistry to restore brilliance, protect from future damage and enhance an instrument's natural beauty. Hydrate fingerboard conditioner deeply cleans and moisturizes fretboards, restoring playability. The bundle is ideal for musicians looking to keep their instrument in peak playing condition without hassle.

Restore Brilliance and Remove Light Scratches

The first step, Restore, is a rich polish formulated to remove tough grime and bring back an instrument's natural luster. Mild abrasives work to polish out light scratches and swirl marks, reviving the finish. Musicians will notice their instrument looks as radiant as the day it was purchased.

Protect From Environmental Damage

After restoring brilliance with restore, protect helps shield the finish from future damage. A premium carnauba wax creates a durable barrier, while advanced chemistry provides a deep, rich glow. Environmental pollutants like UV radiation, temperature changes and oxygen exposure are guarded against, keeping the instrument looking its best for longer.

Enhance Natural Beauty and Remove Surface Imperfections

The final step, shine, utilizes color enhancers and mild abrasives to bring out an instrument's natural beauty and character. Fingerprints, dust and other minor surface imperfections are gently polished away, leaving behind a smooth, glossy finish with eye-catching depth and clarity.

Clean and Rejuvenate Fretboards

In addition to polishing the finish, Hydrate fingerboard conditioner cleans and moisturizes fretboards. A blend of oils and cleaners penetrate deep into the wood, dissolving built-up grime and debris. Fretboards are left feeling smooth and fast, with wood grain that pops. Overall tone and playability are improved as the wood is rehydrated and rejuvenated.

D'Addario Instrument Care Essentials Bundle

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