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The Crown CM-311A is a high-performance headset condenser mic that gives vocalists full creative freedom. The CM-311A provides improved gain before feedback and rejects unwanted background noise for a pristine vocal sound. Its cardioid pickup pattern focuses on the source directly in front of the mic, capturing your voice with stunning accuracy while minimizing bleed from monitors and ambient noise. The mic's tailored frequency response brings out the richness and nuance in your vocals. Rugged yet lightweight, the CM-311A is comfortable for long gigs and built to withstand the demands of live performance. Connect via its XLR output to a mixer or wireless system and unleash your vocal prowess.

A Cardioid Pickup Pattern That Zeroes In On Your Voice

The CM-311A's cardioid condenser capsule is highly directional, picking up sound sources directly in front of the mic while attenuating sounds from the sides and rear. This focused pickup pattern eliminates feedback and effectively rejects unwanted noise from monitors, instruments and ambient sounds in the venue. The result is a clean, articulate vocal reproduction with plenty of gain before feedback.

Tailored Frequency Response for Stunning Vocal Reproduction

With a frequency range of 50Hz to 17kHz, the CM-311A is optimized to capture the nuance and character of the human voice. Its tailored frequency response accentuates the richness, warmth and clarity in your vocals, allowing your voice to cut through the mix with stunning detail and realism. From subtle breath sounds to powerful, belted notes, the CM-311A translates each vocal inflection with lifelike accuracy.

Rugged Yet Comfortable Design For Live Performance

While the CM-311A delivers studio-quality vocal reproduction, it is built to handle the rigors of live performance. Its robust, lightweight construction provides full-range articulation without compromising comfort, even during lengthy sets. Adjustable, flexible mic arms allow you to position the mic perfectly for your needs. And with its durable build, the CM-311A stands up to the demands of touring and live shows, giving you a vocal mic you can rely on for years to come.

Simple Connectivity via XLR Output

The CM-311A features a standard three-pin XLR output for simple connectivity to mixers, wireless transmitters and other audio equipment. Providing a balanced, low-impedance output, the CM-311A can be used with long cable runs without signal degradation. Its XLR output makes the CM-311A a highly versatile vocal mic suitable for a wide range of live sound and recording applications.

Crown CM-311A Headworn Condenser Mic XLR

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  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Defferoid noise-cancelling technology
  • Outstanding gain-before-feedback and isolation
  • Premium headworn microphone
  • Hands-free use
  • Applications
    • Lead vocals
    • Backing vocals
    • Lectern
    • Intercom systems

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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    • Polar pattern: Cardioid
    • Frequency response: 50Hz to 17,000Hz
    • Sensitivity: CM-311A: 4 mV/Pa (-48 dBV); CM-311L: 1.25 mV/Pa (-58 dBV)
    • Maximum SPL: 14dB
    • Equivalent noise level: 26 dB-A
    • Signal/noise ratio: 68dB (A-weighted)
    • Impedance: 75 ohms balanced
    • Powering: 18V to 48V phantom power to DIN/IEC
    • Finish: Satin black
    • Dimensions: ear to ear 5.5" (13.97 cm); boom 7" (17.78 cm), boom to mouth 3" (7.62)
    • Net weight: 61g (2.1 oz.)
    • Cable: 106 cm (42")

    collapse expand iconWarranty

    3 year, no-fault parts and labor warranty on amps.
    3 year warranty for most mics.
    1 year warranty for Soundgrabber mic.
    Crown Extended Warranty available as an option.