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Cordoba Guitars

Spain and Argentina each have a province named Cordoba, so it's only fitting that the name would be shared by a luthier who specializes in the acoustic guitar. Traditional nylon-stringed instruments, mainstays of Latin and Spanish music, are what Cordoba guitars are all about. Their variety of orchestral, flamenco, classical and modern acoustic instruments has something to offer any guitarist. For an impression of what Cordoba can do, start by checking out the Loriente Clarita classical guitar. One of their most popular instruments, it features a Canadian cedar top with Indian rosewood back and sides. This guitar is handcrafted by talented luthiers in Barcelona, Spain, and it really shows in the attention to detail. And make no mistake - it sounds as good as it looks. For learning or travelling guitarists, a great option to look at in the Cordoba lineup is the La Playa Travel Half-size guitar. Its steel strings make this instrument a bit different from most Cordoba guitars, but they've used them for a reason: they make the guitar easier to keep in tune when it's going through the jostling involved with frequent travel. The compact size is also designed to make it more travel-friendly, and has the added bonus of making it easier for younger, smaller players to handle. For all the ways in which it's unique, there is one thing the La Playa does have in common with plenty of other Cordoba guitars: it's an acoustic-electric model. This type of guitar is perfect when you want to give yourself lots of options for how to play. They behave like any other acoustic guitar when they're unplugged, but you also have the option to plug them in to an amp or PA system when you want to use effects or crank up the volume. No matter which Cordoba guitar you choose, you can make a confident decision knowing that any instrument in their selection is well worth your attention. Whether you play in an orchestra, flamenco band, country group or simply as a hobby at home, the right Cordoba guitar is definitely waiting for you here.
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