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The Catalinbread Sinkhole reverb effects pedal provides an expansive palette of ethereal and modulated tones for the adventurous guitarist. Combining a rich "hole" reverb with a lush four-voice chorus, the Sinkhole allows you to create ambient soundscapes and synth-like pads. The reverb's nearly infinite decay sustains your notes as the modulation swirls around them. Interactive controls for feedback, modulation rate, reverb decay and wet/dry blend give you an array of expressive tools to craft your perfect tone.

Ethereal Reverb and Swirling Modulation

The Sinkhole's hallmark effect is its harmonically complex reverb paired with a deep four-voice chorus. As you increase the reverb decay, your notes float in an expansive space. Adding modulation creates shifting, undulating movement. The feedback control reaches within the reverb to extract tunable modulation, from subtle comb filtering to dramatic pseudo-phasing. You can freeze your signal in place with maximum settings, evoking analog synth pads.

Sculpt Your Tone With Interactive Controls

The Sinkhole puts real-time tone shaping at your fingertips. The feedback control adjusts both the chorus feedback and depth, yielding varied results. The modulation rate knob slows the chorus LFO for a barely perceptible shimmer or increases it for prominent movement. Reverb decay offers sustain up to infinity. A full wet/dry blend lets you dial in the perfect balance of effects and dry signal. An onboard preamp provides a clean boost and slight overdrive to push your amp.

True or Buffered Bypass for Flexible Trails

A bypass switch inside the pedal lets you choose between true or buffered bypass operation. True bypass cuts off effects immediately when the pedal is disengaged. Buffered bypass allows reverb trails to continue ringing out naturally. Select the option that suits your needs and playing style.

Ambient, Experimental and Synth-Like Sounds

The Sinkhole excels at ambient, experimental and synth-inspired tones. Dial up a long reverb decay and deep modulation for atmospheric pads. Increase feedback and modulation for bizarre, auto-filtering effects. At extreme wet settings, the Sinkhole produces sounds reminiscent of vintage analog synths. This powerful and interactive pedal is ideal for guitarists seeking to explore new sonic territory.

Catalinbread Sinkhole Ethereal Reverb Effects Pedal Blue and Pink
Catalinbread Sinkhole Ethereal Reverb Effects Pedal Blue and Pink
Catalinbread Sinkhole Ethereal Reverb Effects Pedal Blue and Pink

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  • Maximum decay time provides near infinite sustain
  • Wet-dry blend allows clean signal or 100% reverb
  • Chorus modulation rate control provides subtle to dramatic effects
  • True-bypass or buffered-bypass mode

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