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Casio Celviano Digital Pianos | New from NAMM 2024


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The Celviano AP-S450WE digital piano from Casio provides an authentic acoustic piano experience in a slim, elegant design. Powered by proprietary Casio AiR Sound Source technology, it recreates the legendary tones of Hamburg and New York concert grand pianos with incredible realism and detail. Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keys respond smoothly from pianissimo to fortissimo, while advanced binaural sampling and DSP create immersive simulated acoustics. Despite its svelte profile, the AP-S450WE generates room-filling, emotionally moving piano sound.

Casio Celviano AP-S450 Digital Piano

Hamburg and New York Concert Grand Piano Sounds

Casio engineers meticulously analyzed and measured multiple concert grand pianos to develop the AP-S450WE's AiR sound engine. Capturing the unique tonal characteristics and resonances of renowned Hamburg and New York instruments, AiR faithfully reproduces the rich, complex overtones of these acoustic icons. From the crystal-clear brilliance of staccato passages to the lush reverberation of sustain pedal chords, the AP-S450WE transports you to the concert hall. With 256-note polyphony, even dense Liszt or Rachmaninoff won't overwhelm this digital piano, and there are 26 total patches, including organs and strings, to cover an array of sonic territory.

Casio Celviano AP-S450 Keys

Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keys

The AP-S450WE's 88-key layout features Casio Smart Hybrid Hammer Action with simulated ebony and ivory key textures. Weighted hammers provide authentic touch response, with lighter resistance in the treble and heavier resistance in the bass—just like an acoustic grand. Keys pivot smoothly and return precisely, supporting advanced technique for building finger strength and dexterity. With a comfortable playing feel ideal for long sessions, the AP-S450WE encourages mastery and musical expression.

Casio Celviano AP-S450 Controls

Advanced Binaural Sampling and DSP

Casio developed its new binaural sampling and digital signal processing algorithms to achieve unprecedented realism in digital piano ambience. Based on the way sounds reach our left and right ears in three-dimensional space, binaural sampling captures the distinctive acoustics of world-famous venues like Berlin's Philharmonie. DSP further enhances the immersive experience by simulating reverb tail diffusion, early reflections and other acoustic properties—those which are subtle, and those more pronounced. The Casio AP-S450WE's authentic hall ambience transports you to the stage of a distinguished concert venue.

Casio Celviano AP-S450 Design

Luxurious, Space-Saving Design

The Celviano AP-S450 houses its outstanding piano sound engine in a stylish slimline cabinet that complements any space with its impressive, sophisticated aesthetic. Despite its compact footprint, the AP-S450WE produces generous volume and resonance. For private practice or intimate musical gatherings, it enriches your home with concert-quality piano performance.

Bring world-class concert piano tones into your life with this awesome Casio digital piano. With authentic acoustic piano touch and tone in a refined, space-saving design and a cool white finish, the Celviano AP-S450WE makes musical dreams a reality.

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  • 88 hammer-action weighted keys with simulated ebony and ivory keytops
  • 700 high-quality instrument voices, including pianos, strings, organs and more
  • 256-note polyphony for a realistic piano experience
  • Dual 20W speakers for rich, full sound

collapse expand iconWarranty

One year parts and labor warranty on all keyboards (includes power supply).