This bundle includes the Casiotone CTS1 portable keyboard and the WU-BT10 Bluetooth adapter. The CT-S1, is spiritual successor of the riginal Casiotone CT-201, which allowed anyone to make music, regardless of skill level or budget upon its release in 1980. The Casiotone CT-S1 raises the bar as a great-sounding, stylish, ultra-portable keyboard designed for anyone to enjoy playing. Its incredible sound quality makes it an ideal musical partner for beginners and seasoned players alike, and its sleek, portable design makes it fun to play anytime, anywhere.

The bundled WU-BT10 Bluetooth MIDI and audio adapter for Casiotone CT-S400 and LK-S450 allows bi-directional MIDI communication between select Casiotone keyboard models and other Bluetooth MIDI-enabled devices. It also allows audio input, so you can play audio from a Bluetooth-enabled device via your Casiotone's built-in speaker system or connected headphones.