Carl Fischer

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Carl Fischer's The Exercise Book for Guitar is the essential collection of proven exercises that build strength, endurance, control, and timing. Compiled by Adam Kadmon, author of the renowned Guitar Grimoire Series, this 248-page tome contains the entire foundation of dexterity and physical technique for guitar in one volume. Whether you're a beginner looking to establish proper form or an advanced player seeking to refine your chops, The Exercise Book for Guitar will make you much sharper on the fretboard than you've ever been.

Hundreds of Exercises Spanning All Areas of Technique

Inside, you'll find hundreds of exercises focused on developing alternate picking, sweep picking, string skipping, bending, vibrato, legato, and tapping skills. Chord exercises, scale exercises, arpeggio exercises, and rhythm exercises are also covered extensively. No stone is left unturned in this pursuit of comprehensive fretboard mastery.

Useful Tools for Navigating Your Practice

To help guide your practice, The Exercise Book for Guitar provides a wealth of useful tools. A comprehensive table of contents, an exhaustive index of exercises, and a glossary of terms allow you to easily find what you need. Each exercise is clearly marked with a numbering system, and many provide visual fretboard diagrams to demonstrate the proper fingerings. Metronome markings are also included to help you keep time and build speed.

Develop Solid Technique and Express Yourself Fearlessly

With diligent practice of the exercises in this book, your fingers will fly across the fretboard with precision and purpose. You'll develop the physical skills required to express yourself without limitation and overcome any obstacle in your path as a guitarist. Let The Exercise Book for Guitar unlock your potential and set you on the path to technical mastery.

Carl Fischer The Exercise Book for Guitar

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  • 248 pages
  • Pattern exercises
  • 3-note coil exercises
  • 4-note coil exercises
  • Major-scale exercises
  • Minor-pentatonic exercises
  • Chord-run exercises