Carl Fischer

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Unlock the secrets of the bass with Carl Fischer's addition to the Grimoire series, The Bass Grimoire DVD by Adam Kadmon. This DVD representation of the best-selling publication The Bass Grimoire reveals the mystery of the bass in twelve lessons ranging from The Major Scale to Scale Tone Degrees. The Bass Grimoire DVD video lays out the mechanics of bass playing right before your eyes by presenting intricate on-screen fingering patterns as well as lesson summaries. These tools allow the viewer to follow along visually while practicing and then receive a full break down of the lesson that was just taught. Carl Fischer's The Bass Grimoire DVD is for any bass player looking to improve upon their skills. The DVD is packed with invaluable lessons also serves as a practice tool. Reach your highest musical potential as taught by Adam Kadmon, a master of the bass, with The Bass Grimoire DVD.
Carl Fischer Bass Grimoire DVD

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  • Lesson 1: The Major Scale
  • Lesson 2: Intervals
  • Lesson 3: Scales
  • Lesson 4: Modes
  • Lesson 5: Transposing
  • Lesson 6: Applying It to the Bass
  • Lesson 7: The Patterns
  • Lesson 8: Pattern Connection
  • Lesson 9: Chords & Compatibility
  • Lesson 10: Chord Naming
  • Lesson 11: Inversions
  • Lesson 12: Scale Tone Degrees

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80 min.