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The BusyBox Bluetooth button is a simple way to control your BusyBox smart sign from afar. Put it on your desk or keep it by your side and when a call comes in hit the button to turn your BusyBox on. The Button works with both the Digital and Standard model. The BusyBox Button has a LED light ring that shares your sign’s state, and the light color of the LEDs can match the light color of your BusyBox. The BusyBox Button can also turn on/off groups. Meaning, if you have a recording studio with five rooms, each with its own BusyBox, a single push of the BusyBox Button will turn on (or off) the entire group.
BusyBox Smart Sign Bluetooth Button

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  • Click to turn on or off
  • Programmable Double Click / Press and hold to scroll through colors, modes or images
  • Bluetooth Networking
  • 1 year coin cell battery life
  • LED State Ring
  • App Connected
  • Assign the Button to control one or more BusyBoxes
  • Clicks like a mouse for touch feedback

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