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Blue Microphone Accessories

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If there's one thing that Blue microphones have proven, it's that you don't need a 60-year history to deliver amazing quality in recording and live sound reinforcement. Blue was founded in 1995, and what they've accomplished in two decades goes a long way to show that it's not the time that matters, but how you use it. Of course, as excellent as the mics are, getting the absolute best results means adding some Blue microphone accessories into the equation as well. You'll find those here, so if you've been looking for a shockmount, pop filter or replacement capsule to get the most out of your Blue microphone, look no further. As a matter of fact, it isn't a stretch to say that every studio mic belongs in a shockmount, like the Blue Ringer Universal Shockmount or the Radius II. They're suspension systems for your microphone, separating it from pesky vibrations. Whether those vibrations come from footsteps in the hallway or a truck driving by your studio, the shockmount dampens them to keep your mic's output crystal clear. Of course, there are other challenges that come from inside the studio - like the naturally abrupt sound pressure changes in vocals that can lead to pops and wind noise. To solve those, add on the Blue Universal Pop Filter, which easily fits any studio mic. Once you've defeated your vibrations and pops, you might be interested in customizing your microphone itself. If you've got the Blue Bottle microphone, you're in luck: this section is where you'll find the interchangeable "bottle caps" that allow you to swap the pickup pattern on the fly. Check out the Blue B3 Cardioid Mid-Sized Diaphragm Bottle Cap and the B6 Cardioid Dual Backplate Bottle Cap if you want a traditional cardioid response. For a figure-eight pattern, there's the B2 Large Diaphragm Bottle Cap. Or, for an omnidirectional mic setup, go with the B5 Pressure Omni Small Diaphragm Bottle Cap. Whether you're enhancing your microphone's performance or changing the response pattern of your Blue Bottle altogether, you'll find what you need in this selection of Blue microphone accessories. They're the perfect ways to make a great mic even better, and if you're working at the professional level, these shockmounts, filters and components are more than just a good idea - they should be considered essential equipment.