Blue Cat Audio


Enjoy studio monitor sound in your headphones with Blue Cat Audio's Re-Head, a unique head-response plugin. Re-Head uses a head response model to recreate the effect of your head and skull on the audio coming in from your speakers. Together with stereo processing, impulse response treatment, EQ and more, Re-Head takes care of the most common problems associated with headphone use in professional work. Listening through headphones creates an unnatural sound that's quite different from how we hear music from speakers. Re-Head will create a mixing room experience when using headphones, even when recording distorted guitars and other instruments that tend to sound unnaturally in your face in a headphone mix. At the center is ahead response model that mimics the effect of your own skull on your hearing when listening through loudspeakers. There is even an impulse response representation of your favored mixing room to let you feel right at home, even when you're not. Re-Head won't replace your favorite studio monitors, but it will make the transition from speakers to headphones less dramatic.

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