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Spark CAB: Amp your ampplay button

Spark CAB: Amp your amp

Getting Started with Spark CABplay button

Getting Started with Spark CAB

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Spark CAB - Gain Staging Tutorial

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Sparks Volume Comparison [GO, MINI, Spark, CAB]

Positive Grid

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The Spark CAB by Positive Grid is a fierce full-range, flat response (FRFR) powered speaker cabinet designed for use with amp sims and digital modelers. It joins the Spark series of smart amplifiers as a means of blowing doors down, ultimately turning any of the portable Positive Grid practice amps into gig-ready tone beasts. With a wide, uncolored frequency response, the Spark CAB reproduces the intricacies of any acoustic, electric or bass guitar tone. Plus, if you’re not already existing in the Spark ecosystem, you can still use the Positive Grid CAB to amplify your current digital amp and effects modeler. The Positive Grid CAB is an extension of the Spark series, giving guitar and bass players a platform for powerful, portable amplification.

Positive Grid Spark CAB and Amp

Outsized Performance

The Spark CAB is a 140W, Class-D speaker cabinet with a 10" woofer and a pair of 1" tweeters covering 45Hz–20,000Hz. Supporting a maximum output of up to 120dB SPL, the Positive Grid CAB has ample headroom for loud, accurate sound reproduction. All of this comes in a compact, elegantly designed cabinet matching the aesthetic of current Spark series amps, though its vintage-inspired grille cloth and black textured vinyl fits in with any surroundings. Small and mighty, the Positive Grid Spark CAB is ready to take on the road, the studio or even just your living room, providing the volume and clarity your electric, acoustic or bass guitar tones deserve.

Positive Grid Spark CAB Connectivity

Seamless Spark Amp Connectivity

Spark, Spark MINI and Spark GO smart amps by Positive Grid effortlessly link to the CAB via a dedicated 3.5 mm stereo input. There are even onboard DC and USB-C power outputs to connect your Spark amp, tablet or phone, rendering the CAB an all-inclusive hub. This level of integration is as seamless as it gets, converting ultraportable amps like the 5-watt Spark GO into fire-breathing, 140-watt monsters. Experience the BIAS Tone Engine like never before, with the volume and power it warrants, uncovering the deeply nuanced modeling technology responsible for a sprawling library of over 50,000 tones. If you want to hear your Spark amp really come to life, the CAB is the means of unlocking its full potential.     

Positive Grid Spark CAB Portability

Powerfully Portable

Made to move, the Spark CAB is durable, compact and weighs just under 30 lb. for easy transport. A pair of recessed carry handles reduces bulk and places portability at the forefront of practical features this FRFR cabinet affords. Its 1x10 enclosure measures only 19" tall as the largest dimension, so the CAB can ride in the back seat or the trunk without any tricky maneuvering. The rugged textured vinyl exterior instills confidence and encourages travel, ensuring that the Positive Grid Spark CAB is more than prepared to accompany guitarists and bassists through their active gigging lifestyles.

Positive Grid Spark CAB Floorboard Effects Processor

Amplify Your Processor

While the Spark CAB naturally integrates with amplifiers of the same series, this flexible FRFR speaker easily pairs with third-party hardware modelers as well. Just run the line-level output from your favorite device to the balanced XLR input on the CAB, and you’re ready to rock. The speaker works particularly well with floorboard processors to create a streamlined, functional rig that’s able to turn heads with the exceptional clarity of its sound reproduction. Digital modeling is continuously improving, and with numerous brands offering a take on hardware amp and effects simulation, the Positive Grid Spark CAB is a perfect matchup for players of all styles.      

Expanding its Spark series with the complementary CAB, Positive Grid continues to demonstrate a thorough understanding of what today’s guitar and bass players require. The convenience and sonic excellence of Spark amplifiers—driven by a decade of modeling expertise and the community-led ToneCloud—have already converted thousands of players around the world. And now, Spark amps aren’t just for home practice; with the CAB, they’re a viable rehearsal and performance solution for musicians who rely on the tonal flexibility and ease of use associated with digital modeling. Even if you don’t own a Spark amp, you can still power your go-to processor with the Positive Grid CAB. There’s never been a better time to stop by your local Guitar Center and check out the Spark CAB by Positive Grid—you might just leave with a powerful FRFR speaker to complete your rig.   

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • Dedicated 3.5 mm stereo input for Spark amps
  • 10" woofer and two high-frequency dome tweeters
  • 140W Class-D amplifier
  • Full range flat response (FRFR)

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