This Dream Contact small bell flat ride cymbal provides an excellent rounded and woody stick attack. It features the clear ping of a classic flat ride. Players will love the delightful vintage-style wobble from bell to edge on this 24” model. The bell is small, but still large enough to strike for a distinctive bell sound. Dream Contact series cymbals feature a more traditionally shaped bow and slightly deeper profile than other Dream cymbals. The wider lathing gives a lively stick feel, producing higher pitch while remaining rich and warm. The Contact series focuses on medium to medium-thin cymbals that come alive easily. It’s all about quickness and volume, while maintaining the complex undertones and shimmering wash that make Dream cymbals such gems.

Every Dream cymbal is completely handmade and hand-hammered by master smiths. Created from fire, base metal and human spirit, these cymbals are each an individual masterpiece of their own.
  • Distinctive 24” ride with small bell and flat bow for dry, woody stick sound
  • Extra-wide bow creates wobbly feel familiar to players of vintage cymbals
  • Deeper profile and larger bell for more traditional shape
  • Handmade and hand-hammered by individual smiths
  • Wide lathing creates higher pitch, with warmth and richness
Sizes and Purpose
  • Quantity: 1
  • Type: Ride
  • Sizes (in): 24
  • Material: Cast alloy
  • Hammering: Hand
  • Lathing: Full
  • Cymbal weight: Medium
  • Finish: Natural
  • Country of origin: Canada