The B12A Quad is Black Lion Audio’s latest rendition of 312A-style gain with a whopping 70dB of level. Housing four channels of punch in a 1U chassis, it delivers modern flair with solid vintage tone at an unbeatable price. Each channel of the B12A Quad has the same Cinemag input transformer found in the B12A Mk2, in addition to Cinemag output transformers, two front panel D.I.’s, output metering on every channel, and XLR/TRS parallel outputs in the rear. Processing multiple channels of audio with vintage-style fire and presence can be an expensive proposition. The B12A seeks to ease that pressure. Process a drum kit with good microphones through the B12A Quad. You'll be astounded. Use it for horn sections. You'll be amazed. Use it for live rhythm section tracking. You'll be a customer.
  • Cinemag input and output transformers
  • Output metering on every channel
  • XLR/TRS parallel outs on rear panel
  • Made in the USA

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