Big Fat Snare Drum

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The Big Fat Steves Donut, is a drum mute that helps drummers achieve a lower volume from their snare drum. Crafted from durable, high-density foam, this donut-shaped mute simply sits on top of the snare drum head to muffle the sound and allow drummers to practice at lower volumes. The Steve's Donut is designed to fit most 14" snare drums and provide an optimized level of damping so drummers can continue improving their craft without disturbing others.

High-Density Foam Construction for Maximum Sound Absorption

The Steve's Donut is made from specially formulated high-density foam that's expertly tuned to reduce the volume of a 14" snare drum. Its material composition is dense enough to significantly muffle the drum yet porous enough to allow some resonance and tone. The result is a practice experience that's quiet enough for apartments and studios but still feels like playing an unmuted drum.

Donut-Shaped Design for Even, All-Around Damping

Unlike typical drum mutes that only cover part of the drum head, the Steve's Donut 14" surrounds the entire drum head to provide even damping across the snare. Its circular shape fits perfectly within the rim of the drum to muffle the head uniformly without affecting playability. Drummers will appreciate how the Steve's Donut allows them to play the drum naturally without the uneven feel of a partially covered head.

Fits Most 14-Inch Snare Drums for Versatile Use

Drummers can move it between their snare drums with ease and enjoy consistent volume reduction across their gear. For drummers with multiple snare drums in different tunings, the Steves' Donut is an ideal solution for quiet practice on any drum.

Big Fat Snare Drum Steve's Donut 14 in.

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