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X32 Quick Tip: Setup Monitor Mixesplay button

X32 Quick Tip: Setup Monitor Mixes

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X32 AUX Rundown

Getting To Know The X32: DCAs & Mute Groupsplay button

Getting To Know The X32: DCAs & Mute Groups

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X32 Quick Tip: Input Routing


collapse expand iconDescription

The Behringer X32 digital mixer represents a true paradigm shift in live sound mixing. As the flagship console of Behringer's acclaimed X32 family, it delivers pristine audio quality and an unmatched feature set that shatters expectations of what's possible in a compact digital mixer. With 40 inputs, 25 busses and 32 programmable Midas-designed mic preamps, the X32 provides all the routing flexibility and channel count you need for sophisticated productions.

Behringer X32 Digital Mixer

Sonic Purity From Industry-Leading Preamps

At the heart of the X32's impeccable sound are 32 microphone preamplifiers designed by Midas, the company legendary for building ultrapremium analog consoles. These premium preamps capture every nuance of a performance with stunning clarity, giving you a noise-free, high-headroom signal to work with. You'll experience the same audiophile-quality mic preamps found on flagship Midas desks costing exponentially more than the X32.

Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Controls Detail

Streamlined Workflow, Total Connectivity

The X32 is designed to streamline your live workflow from setup to showtime. Motorized faders and channel LCDs provide intuitive mixing control, while Behringer's new "Acoustic Integration" environment allows complete control of your speaker and in-ear monitor systems right from the console. An integrated 32-channel audio interface provides flawless computer recording/playback. You can even mix wirelessly via iPad or iPhone using the X32-Edit app.

Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Back Panel

Limitless Expandability for Any Application

Thanks to swappable expansion cards, the X32's connectivity potential is virtually limitless. Expand your networking capabilities with USB, ADAT, MADI or Dante cards to integrate the X32 into existing infrastructures. The onboard ULTRANET and AES50 ports provide a high-speed backbone for Behringer's complete ecosystem of stage boxes, personal monitoring systems and more. This unmatched flexibility allows the X32 to adapt to any application, from clubs to touring rigs. 

Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Screen Detail

Redefined FX Powered by Physical Modeling

Version 2.0 of the X32's firmware takes its internal FX processing to new heights of realism. Over 50 "True Physical Modeling" effects recreate the behavior of classic analog processors, from vintage reverbs to iconic compressors and EQs. With these CPU-intense algorithms, the X32 delivers impeccable emulations that elevate your mixes while maintaining the warmth and character of sought-after studio hardware.

Representing the pinnacle of Behringer, Midas and Klark Teknik's combined engineering prowess, the X32 digital mixer sets a new standard for pristine sound, advanced workflow and uncompromising versatility. With its comprehensive capabilities and compact footprint, it's the ideal centerpiece for professional sound reinforcement in any live setting. Experience the X32 at your local Guitar Center today.

collapse expand iconFeatures

  • 40-channel total recall digital mixer with fully programmable mic preamps
  • 16 mix buses, configurable as subgroups
  • Main LCR and all 16 mix buses featuring inserts, 6-band parametric EQ's and dynamics processing
  • 16 analog XLR outputs plus six additional line in/outputs, two phones connectors and a talkback section
  • 48-channel digital snake ready via AES50 ports
  • Built-in expansion port for Firewire/USB/ADAT
  • Virtual FX rack featuring eight true-stereo FX slots for high-end simulations of famous outboard gear
  • Ultrahigh power 32-bit floating-point DSP features "unlimited" dynamic range, no internal overload and near-zero latency
  • Six mute groups and eight DCA groups on eight dedicated 100 mm motorized faders
  • Super easy user interface and dedicated channel strip section
  • High-resolution 7" color TFT with associated controls and individual RGB backlit graphic LCDs in every channel
  • USB flash connector providing file storage for uncompressed recordings, plus show presets and system updates
  • Six independent matrix mix buses featuring inserts, 6-band parametric EQs and dynamics processing
  • Adjustable line delays available on all physical in and outputs
  • Networked remote control or show setups with remote editor software via USB and Ethernet ports (included)
  • Powerful scene management for convenient handling of complex productions

collapse expand iconSpecs

Number of input processing channels
  • 32 input channels, eight AUX channels, eight fx return channels
Internal effects engines
  • True-stereo / mono: 8/16
Internal total recall scenes
  • (Incl. preamp and fader): 100
Signal processing
  • 40-bit floating point
A/D-D/A conversion
  • 24-bit @ 44.1 / 48kHz, 114dB dynamic range
I/O latency
  • (Console input to output): 0.8 ms
  • (Network latency (stagebox in > console > stagebox out)): 1.1 ms
  • XLR inputs, programmable mic preamp, designed by MIDAS: 32
  • Talkback mic input, XLR: 1
  • RCA inputs/outputs: 2/2
  • XLR outputs: 16
  • Monitoring outputs: XLR / 1/4" TRS balanced: 2/2
  • AUX inputs/outputs: 1/4" TRS balanced: 6/6
  • Phones outputs: 1/4" TRS: 2 (stereo)
  • Digital AES/EBU output, XLR: 1
  • AES50 ports, SuperMac, Neutrik ethercon: 2
  • Expansion card: 32 channel audio input/output, various standards
  • P-16 connector, Ultranet (no power supplied): 1
  • MIDI inputs / outputs: 1/1
  • USB Type A, top panel, for audio and data export/import: 1
  • USB Type B, rear panel, for remote control: 1
  • Ethernet, RJ45, rear panel, for remote control: 1
Mic Input Characteristics
  • Design: MIDAS
  • THD + noise, 20dB gain, 0dBu out: < 0.006% A-weighted
  • Input impedance XLR, unbal. / bal.: 5 kΩ / 10 kΩ
  • Non clip maximum input level, XLR: +23dBu
  • Phantom Power, switchable per input: 48V
  • Equivalent input noise level, XLR (input shorted): -128dBu
  • CMRR, XLR, @ 20dB gain (typical): > 70dB
  • CMRR, XLR, @ 40dB gain: > 80dB
Input/Output Characteristics
  • Frequency range, @ 48kHz sample rate, 0dB to -1dB: 10Hz–22kHz
  • Dynamic range, analog in to analog out (typical): 106dB
  • A/D dynamic range, preamp and converter (typical): 109dB
  • D/A dynamic range, converter and output: 108dB
  • Cross talk rejection @ 1kHz, adjacent channels: 100dB
  • Output level, XLR, nom./max.: +4dBu / +21dBu
  • Output impedance, XLR, unbal. / bal.: 75 Ω / 75 Ω
  • Input impedance TRS Jack, unbal. / bal.: 20 kΩ / 40 kΩ
  • Non clip maximum input level, TRS: +16dBu
  • Nominal output level, TRS: +4dBu / +16dBu
  • Output impedance, TRS, unbal. / bal.: 150 Ω / 300 Ω
  • Phones output impedance / level: 40 Ω / +25dBm (stereo)
  • Residual noise level, XLR and TRS: -87dBu A-weighted
  • Main screen: 7", 800 x 480, 262k color TFT
  • Channel LCD screen: 128 x 64, LCD with RGB color backlight
  • Main meter: 24-segment (-57dB to clip)
  • Switch-mode power supply: Autorange 100-240V (50/60Hz)
  • Power consumption: 120W
  • Standard operating temperature range: 5°C - 40°C (41°F - 104°F)
  • Dimensions: 35.4 x 20.8 x 7.9"
  • Weight: 45.4 lb.

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