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Behringer Headphone Amplifiers & Mixers

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Ever since Behringer was founded, they've had one key mission at the core of everything they do: lowering the financial barrier to entry for aspiring musicians and producers. Apply that to this section, and what you get is exactly what you see here: a lineup of Behringer headphone amplifiersmixers that makes high end performance available to everyone who wants it. And since every pro audio system puts unique demands on its hardware, there's enough variety to satisfy any setting and configuration. So no matter what you're looking for in a headphone amp, there ought to be a Behringer here that will fit the bill.

Starting out on the smaller end gives us models like the Behringer Powerplay P1 In Ear Monitor Amplifier, Behringer Microamp HA400 Headphone Amp and Behringer Micromon MA400 Headphone Amplifier. As their names imply, the P1 and MA400 are designed especially for monitoring use. The P1 is an especially good fit for the stage, complete with a belt clip so you can easily wear it next to your wireless mic transmitter while performing. In the studio, you might prefer the MA400, or for situations that call for something a little more general purpose but just as small, try the HA400 on for size.

If your needs call for a bigger headphone amp with stronger mixing features and multiple channels, then you can look to the other end of Behringer's lineup with hardware like the Behringer Powerplay Pro XL HA4700 Headphone Amp. This rack mountable unit is loaded with impressive features like per channel aux input, built in EQ, several input options and, best of all, independent amplifier sections with individual controls. There are 3 headphone outputs on each channel, too so you have lots of options as to how you want to distribute the channels and connections among everyone in the studio.

Of course, all of these are just a few examples of what Behringer headphone amplifiersmixers have to offer, so don't hesitate to look closely through the whole selection to find the specific model that's perfect for your own setup. The best part about going with Behringer is probably that none of what you see is off limits to you every amp in the lineup is easy to fit into virtually any budget, so picking one out is all about what you want and need, and not about what your wallet can support.