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Barefoot’s compact MicroStack45 stereo system comprises two MicroMain45 3-way active nearfield reference monitors and two MicroSub45 Dual-Force technology subwoofers. Each system combines six high-excursion 8" woofers, four 2.5" midrange drivers and two 1" tweeters working seamlessly together as a single unit driven by 2220W of power.

The MicroMain45 distills the resolution and accuracy of the MiniMain12 into a compact, lighter and more cost-conscious package that shares the same amplifier, driver technology and DSP as Barefoot’s flagship system. The MicroMain45’s no-compromise design combines an 8” aluminum woofer, two 2.5" aluminum midrange drivers and a 1" tweeter to deliver over 600W of power with a 40 Hz–45 kHz frequency response.

The MicroSub45 houses a pair of opposing 8" Dual-Force technology woofers and an analog high-pass filter crossing over from the MicroMain45 at 80 Hz, delivering clean low-frequency extension down to 25 Hz. Dual-Force, a core technology that is found in almost every Barefoot product, eliminates vibration within the MicroSub45 speaker cabinet through its innovative force cancellation design. The opposing woofers significantly reduce distortion and coloration, add a massive internal metal cabinet brace and cause the subs to radiate as if they were a single point source located on axis with the tweeter.

A sturdy, non-slip tilt feature directs the MicroMain45 monitors at the listening sweet spot. Current MicroMain45 owners can add a pair of MicroSub45 Dual-Force technology subwoofers to create a MicroStack45 system.

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  • 2220 Watts of power
  • 80 Hz balanced analog high-pass filter
  • Bass response down to 25 Hz
  • Dual-Force technology
  • (6) 8" aluminum woofers
  • MEME technology

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  • Description: 3-way Active Reference Monitors and Stereo Subwoofers with MEME Technology
  • Controls: Input level stepped attenuator, Equalization contour
  • Input Impedance: 50k Ohm
  • Frequency Response MicroMain45: 18Hz – 50kHz (±3dB)/26Hz – 40kHz (±1dB)
  • Bass Response: -3 dB @ 25Hz, Q = 0.707/Slope = 12 dB/octave
  • Cabinets: 32 liters total internal volume together. Both units are sealed woofer and midrange enclosures, machined aluminum baffle plate, long fiber foam acoustic damping throughout
  • Crossover Frequencies: 80 / 600 / 3600 Hz
  • Tweeter: 1" ring radiator, Advanced geometry motor, Rear waveguide chamber
  • Amplifier: 180W Hypex
  • Midranges: 2" x 2.5" aluminum cones, Advanced geometry motor, +/- 2 mm linear excursion
  • Amplifier: 180W Hypex
  • Woofers: 2" x 8" aluminum cones, Advanced geometry motor, +/- 13 mm linear excursion
  • Amplifier: 500W
  • Subwoofers: 4" x 8" aluminum cones, Advanced geometry motor, +/- 25 mm linear excursion
  • Amplifier: 1000W
  • AC Power Input: Nominal 115 VAC or 230 VAC selectable
  • Power Consumption: Idle: 25W, Maximum: 1165W
  • Weight:
  • MicroMain45
  • Speaker: 37.5 lbs each (17 kg)
  • Shipping: 47 lbs each (21 kg)
  • MicroSub45
  • Speaker: 45 lbs each (20.5 kg)
  • Shipping: 54.5 lbs each (25 kg)
  • Dimensions WxDxH:
  • MicroMain45
  • Cabinet: 15.5" W x 10.88" D x 11.0" H
  • Overall: 15.5" W x 10.88" D x 11.0" H
  • MicroSub45
  • Cabinet: 15.5" W x 10.88" D x 11.0" H
  • Overall: 15.5" W x 10.88" D x 11.0" H
  • Stacked 15.5" W x 10.88" D x 22.0" H

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