Balter Mallets

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Michael Balter
Behind every Mike Balter mallet, there is Michael Balter. As a first-call percussionist and drummer based in Chicago, Mike was acutely aware of the need for quality mallets, and he often found the selection insufficient for the wide variety of live performances and studio gigs he played. That's why Mike drew upon his years of professional experience to develop the finest quality and most extensive line of mallets produced today for concert and marching percussionists, so they can zero in on the perfect sound for any setting, from an intimate venue to a football field.

The Unwound Series consists of various oval-shaped rubber, wood, metal and plastic heads to supply multiple timbres and dynamic levels. The handles come in multiple materials, too, including sturdy birch, flexible rattan and fiberglass. Designed for response, clarity, control and sensitivity.
Balter Mallets Marching 1" Phenolic Ball Mallets Fiberglass Handles