Balter Mallets

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Mallets with a professional vibe

The Mike Balter Expression Series is a line of mallets for the serious vibist. Rattan handles are paired with five different head designs, letting you create the exact professional vibraphone sound and feel you've been looking for.

Find the model that's best for you

The larger, lilac-colored head of the B49R model provides a tone that is warm and full-bodied across the entire range of the instrument. Ideal for ballads and more expressive lines, these mallets create a big sound with clear definition. Identifiable by a lilac cord.

The B48R model has a medium-sized light purple head offering fast response while providing plenty of impact. Great mallets for an all-around vibe sound. The B48R is ideal for when you need a mallet that will do it all.

The smaller-sized head of the B47R model is designed for articulation and quick attack and features a purple cord. A great mallet for soloists looking to accentuate faster passages.

The multi-colored model B46R mallets are a great all-around mallet for jazz vibes. They provide a warm sound with full articulation and depth at any dynamic level. The lighter mallet head allows you to move through fast melodic lines with ease.

The model B46AR also features a multi-colored cord and is similar to the model B46R, but with a slightly softer head. Warm sound with great articulation and depth.
Balter Mallets Expression Series Rattan Handle Vibraphone Mallets Medium Soft Multi Colored Cord

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  • Instrument: Vibe
  • Material: Cord
  • Hardness: Medium Hard
  • Handle Material: Rattan
  • Overall Length: 15.25"