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Modeled from a Ward-Beck Systems M462B hardware EQ unit, The Hoser XT makes a great channel EQ for a cohesive feel to your mixes. The Hoser XT takes advantage of some of the benefits of working in the digital domain, all while staying true to the analog sound. And when you buy Hoser XT, you get its little brother, The Hoser, free.

Analog Sound – CPU Friendly

When the Bendeth team built The Hoser, they had two objectives. First, it had to sound just like the hardware, and second, it had to be usable on every track without worrying about the CPU overheating. After much trial and error, Boz et al finally accomplished this. The plugin stays true to the analog sound, allowing you to add extreme amounts of gain without adding the harshness of digital EQ. It does all this while using small amounts of processing power, to preserve your CPU for other plugins.

While modeling the hardware, the development team couldn’t help but wish they could use it in a mid/side configuration. It was just begging for it. So what was stopping them from making the plugin work in mid/side mode? Nothing. And so a capability not even available in the original hardware is one of the outstanding features of the plug-in. You can also process your left and right channels separately, which is a great way to add some stereo width to a mono track, or match the tone of a stereo source.


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