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BOSS SY-1 Synthesizer featuring Thomas McRocklin


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The SY-1 Synthesizer effects pedal from BOSS, one of the leading guitar effects innovators, is a compact yet mighty pedal that transforms any electric guitar or bass into an analog-style synthesizer. Packed with 121 responsive synth sounds across 11 categories, the SY-1 offers musicians, producers and live performers an inspiring sonic palette for limitless creativity.

Over 100 Analog-Style Synth Sounds at Your Feet

The SY-1 puts a universe of synth tones in an easy-to-use stompbox. Its huge selection of 11 sound categories include expressive leads, lush pads, layered organs, thunderous basses and rhythmic synth patterns that are a blast to jam with. Crafted with advanced DSP technology, the SY-1's 121 polyphonic sounds are ultraresponsive and natural sounding. They range from searing leads and sweeping pads to percussive bells and pulsing sequences. The SY-1 makes it simple to infuse your music with vintage analog flavor.

Plug and Play Like a Standard Stompbox

Despite its formidable synth power, the SY-1 is as easy to use as a typical overdrive pedal. Just plug your guitar or bass into the SY-1's standard 1/4" input, select a sound and play. Thanks to BOSS's custom DSP and latency-free design, the SY-1 provides an organic, seamless experience. It tracks your performance with perfect precision, allowing you to play freely without adjusting your technique. The SY-1 expands your sonic creativity in the simplest way possible.

Real-Time Control for Dynamic Performances

The SY-1 offers several ways to make your synth playing more expressive in live and studio settings. Holding down the pedal switch sustains the last-played synth sound, allowing you to jam over the top with your regular guitar tone. You can also connect an external footswitch for tap tempo and octave-shift effects or plug in an expression pedal for continuous control of tone and rate. With the SY-1's real-time control features, you have everything you need to deliver a compelling synth performance.

Fully Integrates Into Any Rig

Despite its advanced synth capabilities, the SY-1 operates like a standard compact pedal in terms of connectivity and control. However, its send/return loop and dedicated mix controls allow you to blend the SY-1's sounds with your favorite drive pedals. You can then send the combined signal to modulation, delay and reverb pedals for overall tonal shaping. The SY-1's send jack also functions as a direct out, letting you route the synth and guitar sounds to separate destinations.

BOSS SY-1 Synthesizer Effects Pedal
BOSS SY-1 Synthesizer Effects Pedal
BOSS SY-1 Synthesizer Effects Pedal

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  • Power requirements: 9V DC (battery or optional AC adapter)
  • Current draw: 85 mA
  • Controls: Guitar/Bass switch, Type, Variation, Tone, Depth, Effect, Direct
  • Buffered bypass
  • Dimensions: 2.8" x 5.12" x 2.37" (73 x 129 x 59 mm)
  • Weight: 1 lb.

collapse expand iconWarranty

Boss pedals - 5 year parts warranty
90 day labor warranty.
1 year warranty - Multitracks, Jamstations, etc.
Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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