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The BOSS SD-1W Super Overdrive Waza Craft Guitar Effects Pedal was passionately designed by the master engineers at BOSS in Japan. This premium overdrive pedal provides customized, boutique-level tone shaping that experienced guitarists will appreciate. The SD-1W enhances the renowned BOSS SD-1 overdrive with all-analog circuitry and two distinct modes: Standard for the classic SD-1 sound and Custom for expanded gain and tonal range.

Standard and Custom Modes Expand Tonal Possibilities

The SD-1W's Standard mode delivers the iconic overdrive tone that the SD-1 is famous for, with a smooth, rich distortion and touch-sensitive response. For more aggressive sounds, switch to Custom mode. This unique mode offers increased gain and an extended EQ range, allowing guitarists to craft their own signature overdrive tones.

All-Analog Circuitry Provides Premium Sound

Unlike typical overdrive pedals that use op-amps and digital components, the SD-1W is built with an all-discrete analog circuit. Hand-selected components provide premium sound quality with a warmer, more natural tone. Analog overdrive is also highly responsive to playing dynamics and guitar controls, allowing for expressive, articulate sound sculpting on the fly.

Meticulously Crafted for Inspiring Performance

As part of the Waza Craft series, the SD-1W represents the pinnacle of BOSS design and tone. Each pedal is handcrafted in Japan to meet BOSS's exacting standards, with final approval from the BOSS engineers. Premium components are carefully selected to achieve rich, emotive tone, while the rugged build quality delivers enduring performance. For guitarists passionate about premium sound, the SD-1W is an overdrive pedal like no other.

BOSS SD-1W Super Overdrive Waza Craft Guitar Effects Pedal
BOSS SD-1W Super Overdrive Waza Craft Guitar Effects Pedal
BOSS SD-1W Super Overdrive Waza Craft Guitar Effects Pedal

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  • Special edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experience
  • Premium sound based on the legendary SD-1 Super Overdrive
  • Newly revised, all-analog discrete amplifier circuit
  • Standard and Custom sound modes
  • Highly responsive to picking dynamics and volume changes
  • BOSS five-year warranty

collapse expand iconWarranty

Boss pedals - 5 year parts warranty
90 day labor warranty.
1 year warranty - Multitracks, Jamstations, etc.
Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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