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The BOSS IR-2 pedal brings you premium amp and cabinet modeling to craft your ideal guitar or bass tone anywhere. With the IR-2, you get authentic emulations of eleven classic amps along with twelve cabinet impulse responses, featuring premium Celestion Digital IRs. Powered by 32-bit AD/DA conversion and 32-bit floating point processing, the IR-2 delivers best-in-class impulse response reproduction for lifelike tone.

Shape Your Tone With Eleven Amp Types

The IR-2 gives you a diverse palette of amps to sculpt your ideal tone. It includes emulations of classic guitar amps like the Fender '65 Twin Reverb, Marshall '59 Super Lead and VOX AC30TB. For bass, you get amps like the Ampeg SVT and Fender '63 Precision Bass. Each amp type has familiar tone stack controls to shape your sound. Dial in anything from sparkling cleans to saturated overdrive.

Load Authentic Cabinets With Built-In IRs

In addition to the amp emulations, the IR-2 comes loaded with a curated set of 12 cabinet impulse responses featuring Celestion Digital IRs. You get selections of guitar cabinets like the Marshall 1960A, Mesa/Boogie Recto 4x12 and Fender '65 Twin. For bass, there's the Ampeg SVT 8x10 and Hartke HyDrive 8x10. The IR-2 makes it easy to get fully dialed-in tones without needing additional gear.

Tweak Your Sound With Intuitive Controls

The IR-2 keeps things simple with hands-on controls to fine-tune your tone. It features familiar EQ knobs for bass, mid and treble just like an amp. You can add ambience with dedicated knobs for room, hall and plate reverb. Switch between two channels with the front panel button or an optional footswitch. There's also a built-in effects loop to integrate your favorite pedals.

Built for Silent Practice and Recording

With its headphone jack and USB audio interface, the IR-2 is ideal for both silent practice and recording direct. Plug in headphones for late-night jam sessions without disturbing others. The USB port lets you record tones directly to your DAW. Power the IR-2 with the included AC adapter or 6 AA batteries for portable use.

BOSS IR-2 Amp & Cabinet Effects Pedal Dark Grey

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  • Class-leading IR reproduction with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96kHz sampling rate
  • Eleven amp types with premium speaker IR supported by Celestion Digital
  • Classic tone stack-style control, plus ambience adjustment
  • Two amp channels switchable via press action or external footswitch
  • Room, Hall and Plate ambience types
  • Effects loop with mono Send and mono/stereo Return to engage delay/modulation pedals
  • Stereo output jacks for FOH or guitar amp
  • Dedicated software (mac/Win) for IR data loader and system settings
  • Stereo-mini Phones jack for silent practice at home
  • USB-C for recording and audio playback via computer or mobile device (Compatibility with all third-party devices and software is not guaranteed)
  • Switch between two amp/cab tones with the pedal switch or an external footswitch
  • BOSS five-year warranty

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Boss pedals - 5 year parts warranty
90 day labor warranty.
1 year warranty - Multitracks, Jamstations, etc.
Check with manufacturer for specific product warranty.

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