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The BC Audio Octal-Plex series is a family of guitar amps based on Marshall plexi circuits adapted for octal preamp tubes. Modern features and a menu of optional features and circuit variations make it easy for you to create your own signature amp.

Like all BC Audio amps, the Octal-Plex Series are meticulously handcrafted in true point-to-point fashion, and employ 6SL7GT octal preamp tubes for their rich, warm tone and power-tube-like breakup.

Includes optional footswitch-controlled Gain Boost, optional footswitch-controlled Volume Boost, custom dual footswitch.

Based on the 100 watt monsters that rocked the world in the late ‘60s. Huge power and headroom. Aggressive crunch, singing leads, earth-shaking bottom. The ultimate balls-to-the-wall plexi rock machine.

Superlead circuit: 4x EL34 power tubes, silicon diode rectification, split V1 cathodes, smaller bright channel coupling cap, large bright cap, large mix resistors, later tone stack, bypassed V2a cathode, small PI coupling caps, less negative feedback, high B+ voltage, moderate B+ rail filtering.
BC Audio JMX100 Octal-Plex Series 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head
BC Audio JMX100 Octal-Plex Series 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head

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  • Power: 100W (tube)
  • Tubes: 6SL7GT (preamp); four EL34 (power amp)
  • Gain boost
  • Volume boost
  • Footswitch included

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