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The Audix D-Vice Drum Microphone Clip provides an innovative way to mount virtually any microphone to your drum kit. Its adjustable gooseneck and universal 5/8" thread adapter accommodate microphones of all types and sizes.

Flexible Gooseneck Placement

The D-Vice's flexible gooseneck allows microphones to be positioned precisely where you want them. Easily attach mics to any drum rim or hoop—even in tight spaces. Say goodbye to stands blocking your drums or limiting mic placement options. With the D-Vice, you're in complete control of mic positioning for optimal tone and sound.

Low-Profile Design

Standing just 1.5" tall, the D-Vice maintains an ultra-low profile on your drum kit. Its streamlined design is barely noticeable, even on the smallest drums. The D-Vice is ideal for drummers focused on a clean, uncluttered stage appearance. Now your drums—not your mic stands—can be the center of attention.

Universal Compatibility

With a standard 5/8" thread adapter, the D-Vice works with virtually any microphone. Easily attach Audix's D Series, Micro Series or iSeries microphones. The D-Vice also accommodates mics from Shure, Sennheiser, AKG and more. Use your preferred mics without changing your setup. The D-Vice gives you the freedom to choose the microphones that suit your sound.

Roadworthy and Reliable

The D-Vice is built to withstand the demands of touring and live performance. Its all-metal construction provides maximum durability, while an included carrying case protects your D-Vice during transport and storage. Designed with drummers in mind, the D-Vice delivers professional-grade performance night after night.

Audix D-Vice Drum Microphone Clip

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  • Attaches to any rimmed drum
  • Can be placed exactly where you want it
  • Accommodates any 5/8" mic clip
  • Can be put in place using just one hand
  • Low profile, low mass
  • Precision molded of composite material