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Arturia introduces Matrix 12 Vplay button

Arturia introduces Matrix 12 V

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Arturia Matrix 12 V tutorial part 1

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Arturia Matrix 12 V tutorial part 2


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Arturia is proud to present the Oberheim Matrix 12 V synthesizer. This is the latest addition to their fleet of classic synthesizers that are painstakingly modeled and recreated to the last detail. Known as one of the greatest poly synths ever made, the Oberheim Matrix 12 V captures all the complexities and sound of the original flagship instrument.

The voice of the Matrix 12 V is two analog oscillators that feed into a unique and complex 15-mode filter. With linear FM that can be routed from one oscillator to another or to the filter cutoff, you can create all kinds of sounds not found on another synth. The Matrix is known for its unparalleled modulation routing possibilites. While the original allowed for a maximum of 20 modulations we have gone on and doubled that to 40.

With the 5 Envelope Generators, 5 LFOs, 3 Tracking generators, 4 Ramp generators and multitude of other modulation possibilites via MIDI, you can see why the Matrix 12 was and is considered one of the all time greats. Also included is the MULTI page mode that allows you to layer and split multiple presets to create scary big sounds. Arturia has also added 6 world class effects that are routed serially to allow adding that final touch to your sound. The Matrix 12 V is destined to become as much of a classic as the original Oberheim Matrix 12 was. Get it today and unleash the power.

Compatibility Notice: OS X 10.11 El Capitan (release date 9/30/15)
As with all major operating system updates, it is vital to check the compatibility of your hardware and software before upgrading your system. For new computer owners, its highly advised to check with manufacturers on when they expect their products to be fully compatible with the latest operating system.
Arturia Oberheim Matrix 12V Software Synthesizer Software Download

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  • Up to 6 mod sources per destination
  • 5 DADSR envelopes with multiple trigger modes
  • 5 LFOs with 6 waveforms plus advanced Sample and hold
  • Modulation Quantize
  • 4 Ramp generators
  • 3 Tracking generators to reshape modulation sources.
  • 6 effects (two used at one time in serial)
  • 40 modulation source/destination slots

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