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Celebrate four decades of pristine sound with the limited-edition Groove 40th Anniversary USB DAC and headphone amplifier. For 40 years, Apogee has been crafting gear that helps artists and audio engineers achieve studio-quality recordings—now they're bringing that same precision and power to your personal listening experience. Whether you're streaming your favorite tracks or playing FLAC files, Groove unlocks every nuance and detail for a listening experience like no other.

Hear Music the Way it Was Meant to Sound

Groove was engineered with audiophile components like an ESS Saber DAC, Constant Current Drive technology and quad summing DACs—the same components found in world-class recording studios. Together, these elements translate digital audio into an analog signal with breathtaking depth, clarity and accuracy. The end result is a profoundly immersive experience that honors the artist's intent and the quality of your audio files or streaming service.

Premium Design Meets Portability

While Groove 40th Anniversary Edition is equipped with high-end audiophile parts, its sleek, compact design makes it ideal for enjoying studio-grade sound wherever you go. The robust yet lightweight aluminum chassis protects the components within while keeping the footprint small enough to slip into your laptop bag. Top-mounted buttons provide convenient volume control, multi-colored LEDs indicate status at a glance and the included premium USB cable ensures signal integrity between Groove and your source device. When premium portability and power matter, Groove delivers.

Built to Last a Lifetime

As a limited 40th Anniversary Edition, Groove exemplifies Apogee's commitment to crafting gear that stands the test of time. Each component was hand-selected and calibrated to provide the most pristine, powerful and balanced sound possible. The solid aluminum chassis protects the internal parts from damage so you can enjoy Groove for years to come. And with a USB 2.0 connection and up to 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution audio support, Groove is designed to keep up with advancements in technology and file formats well into the future. When you invest in the 40th Anniversary Edition Groove, you're investing in a lifetime of sublime listening experiences.

Apogee Groove 40th Anniversary Edition
Apogee Groove 40th Anniversary Edition
Apogee Groove 40th Anniversary Edition

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Premium portable USB DAC/headphone amp enhances music from any source Quad Sum DAC technology provides highest dynamic range and lowest distortion Constant Current Drive ensures smooth frequency response with any headphones Multi-color LEDs indicate status and level

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