Release Date:09/11/2015;Track List:1. Introduction;2. The Enchanted Garden of Kastchei;3. The Firebird Appears Pursued By Ivan Tsarevitch;4. Dance of the Firebird;5. Capture of the Firebird By Ivan Tsarevitch;6. Supplication of the Firebird;7. Appearance of the Thirteen Enchanted Princesses;8. The Princesses Play with the Golden Apples (Scherzo);9. Sudden Appearance of Ivan Tsarevitch;10. The Princesses' Round;11. Dawn Breaks (Ivan Tsarevitch Enters the Palace of Kastchei);12. Magic Carillon Appearance of the Monsters and Capture of I;13. Arrival of Kastchei the Immortal;14. Dialogue of Kastchei and Ivan Tsarevitch;15. Intercession of the Princesses;16. Appearance of the Firebird;17. Dance of Kastchei's Followers Enchanted By the Firebird;18. Infernal Dance of Kastchei's Subjects;19. Lullaby (The Firebird);20. Awakening of Kastchei;21. Death of Kastchei - Profound Darkness;22. Kastchei's Spells Are Broken His Palace Disappears the Sto;Special Attributes:180 GRAM VINYL