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This essential collection of 100 piano tudes is divided into 15 units that survey the technical challenges at the early intermediate, intermediate, and late intermediate levels. The early units review technical issues that students experience at the elementary levels, such as five-finger patterns and articulations. The later units introduce more difficult technical challenges that prepare students for advanced repertoire, such as playing ornamentation, octaves, and large chords. Each unit contains between five and ten tudes written by master composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary periods. Within each unit, the tudes are arranged in order of difficulty. Each piece appears in its original form; notes have not been added or removed. The composers' original dynamics, tempo marks, phrase indications, and articulations have been preserved. Ornamentation is realized in footnotes. Added measure numbers provide easy reference, and editorial suggestions for fingering and pedaling have been provided. A concise foreword discusses technique at the intermediate levels. Two indexes are included: one by unit and technical skill, and another by level and composer.

Unit listing: Five-Finger Patterns * Articulation * Coordination between the Hands * Scales * Triads, Inversions, and Broken Chords * Double Notes * Left-Hand Development * Velocity * Arpeggios * Finger and Hand Independence * Repeated Notes * Accompaniment Patterns * Ornamentation * Octaves * Four- and Five-Note Chords.

Titles: Alla Tarantella (from 12 Etudes), Op. 39, No. 2 (MacDowell) *Etude in A Minor ("Arabesque") (from 25 Easy and Progressive Studies), Op. 100, No. 2 (Burgmuller) * Etude in B-flat Major (from 25 Melodious Studies), Op. 108, No. 10 (Schytte) * Etude in C Major (from Practical Method for the Pianoforte), Op. 249, No. 65 (Kohler) * Etude in F Major (from The First Steps of the Young Pianist), Op. 82, No. 39 (Gurlitt) * Etude in G Major (from 25 Elementary Studies), Op. 176, No. 20 (Duvernoy) * Etude in D Minor ("Warrior's Song") (from 25 Melodic Studies), Op. 45, No. 15 (Heller) * Etude in G Minor (from Training of the Left Hand), Op. 89, Book II, No. 6 (Berens) * Exercise in C Major (from Etude for the Pianoforte), Op. 39, No. 1 (Cramer) * Little Etude (from Album for the Young), Op. 68, No. 14 (Schumann) * Maria (romanza sin palabras) (from Six Expressive Studies) (Granados) * Menuetto (from First Term at the Piano), Sz. 53, No. 16 (Bartok) * and many more. 152 pages. Comb-bound.
Alfred Essential Keyboard Etudes Comb Bound Book Early Intermediate to Late Intermediate

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  • 100 Early Intermediate to Late Intermediate Studies
  • Ed. Albert Mendoza
  • Item: 00-44704
  • UPC: 038081508207
  • ISBN 10: 147062740X
  • ISBN 13: 9781470627409
  • Category: Piano Collection
  • Format: Comb Bound Book
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Level: Early Intermediate to Late Intermediate