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For over 30 years, Applied Research and Technology (ART) has been creating audio solutions for musicians and audio engineers that are innovative, effective and affordable. The folks at ART make it their mission to redefine the performance versus price barrier so nothing stands in the way of you and your music and that includes giving you the equipment and accessories you need to outfit your recording studio. And it doesn't matter whether you're just starting in the studio or are ready to pump out finished tracks, wherever you are in the recoding process, ART headphone amplifiersmixers deliver and all the high quality features necessary for a top level audio performance.

If you're not sure where to begin your search for the right ART headphone amplifiermixer, we suggest you start with the top sellers and go from there. Take for example, the Headamp6 6 Channel Headphone Amplifier. Great for both home and professional studio settings, the HeadAmp6 is a rack mounted stereo headphone amp that's equipped with a six channel auxiliary input section that can be used to provide the popular "more me" function on each headphone mix. Each channel on this amp features dual function balancemix control, stereo aux input, multiple monitoring settings and much more. Simply put, the HeadAmp6 is everything you'd expect and more from a pro audio leader like Art.

Looking for an individual headphone ampmixer? Check out the ART MyMONITOR Personal Monitor Mixer. With this compact mixer, you'll be able to hear yourself while sending only the mic signal to the main mixer. And since MyMONITOR can be AC or battery powered, the unit can be used on any size stage and you'll never have to worry about finding a spot to plug it in.

The above examples are only the tip of the iceberg that is ART headphone amplifiers and mixers. There are a lot more ampsmixers on these pages, so whenever you're ready dive right in the perfect ART headphone amplifiermixer is waiting here for you.