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ADAM Audio A Series | Limited Edition in Arctic Whiteplay button

ADAM Audio A Series | Limited Edition in Arctic White

ADAM Audio

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The ADAM Audio A4V studio monitor delivers exceptional accuracy and flexibility in a compact footprint ideal for smaller spaces. Whether you're mixing your latest album or fine-tuning a podcast, this two-way active monitor, in a limited-edition gloss Arctic White, provides the level of detail and low-end punch your mixes deserve. With ADAM's cutting-edge technologies packed in, the A4V brings renowned German engineering into your studio for truly uncompromising reference monitoring.

ADAM Audio A4V Arctic White X-ART Tweeter

Pinpoint Imaging With the Rotatable HPS Waveguide

At the heart of the A4V's precise imaging is ADAM's proprietary HPS (High-frequency Propagation System) waveguide. This innovative design allows the X-ART tweeter to disperse high frequencies evenly across a broad horizontal plane while maintaining a tight vertical focus. The result is a wide yet controlled sweet spot with minimal reflections. And thanks to the rotatable waveguide, you can optimize this coverage pattern whether your monitors are vertically or horizontally oriented.

ADAM Audio A4V Arctic White Custom Woofer

Effortless Accuracy From Multi-Layer Mineral Drivers

Backed by over two decades of R&D, the A4V's drivers leverage ADAM's Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) technology. The 4" woofer utilizes a proprietary mineral fiber composite that achieves stunning rigidity while remaining lightweight and resonance-free. When combined with the X-ART tweeter's advanced geometry, these specialized drivers deliver impeccable transient response and tonal balance. Every nuance of your recordings will translate accurately through the A4V's pristine frequency range of 52Hz–45kHz.

ADAM Audio A4V Arctic White Control Panel and I/O

Hybrid Amplification for Low Distortion and Efficiency

While the woofer benefits from a powerful Class-D amplifier design for high output and linear performance, the A4V's tweeter is driven by an analog amplifier circuit. This hybrid approach ensures optimal efficiency across the frequency spectrum while minimizing distortion. You'll experience tight, controlled bass along with sparkling highs that never become harsh or fatiguing during extended sessions. 

ADAM Audio A4V Arctic White

Dial In Your Perfect Monitoring Environment

Comprehensive room tuning controls are built right into the A4V, allowing you to easily compensate for acoustic anomalies. Adjust high- and low-shelving filters along with a parametric EQ to mitigate issues like room modes and boundary effects. Sonarworks Reference 4 Calibration software is also integrated, enabling you to capture your room's acoustic profile and apply precise correction filters automatically.

With the ADAM Audio A4V studio monitor, you're getting world-class engineering in a deceptively compact package. Its advanced waveguide, proprietary drivers and hybrid amplification work in harmony to deliver ultraprecise monitoring you can trust. Pair that with easy room optimization, and the A4V is ready to elevate your production game to new heights.

collapse expand iconSpecs

  • Tweeter: Rotatable X-ART Tweeter + HPS Waveguide
  • Woofer: 1 x 4" MLM woofer with 25 mm / 1” voice coil
  • Frequency response @ -6dB: 52Hz–45kHz
  • Maximum SPL per speaker at 1 m: 100dB
  • AD convertor: 24-bit
  • Internal sample rate: 96kHz
  • Amplifier power RMS: 110W (woofer) + 20W (tweeter)
  • Crossover frequency: 3kHz
  • Power rating: 300W max
  • Analog Input (balanced): 1 x XLR
  • Analog Input (unbalanced): 1 x RCA
  • Net Weight: 12 lb. 13 oz
  • Gross Weight: 16 lb. 1 oz
  • Cabinet Height x Width x Depth: 10-1/2" x 6-1/4" x 8-5/8“
  • Box Dimensions: 15-3/8" x 11-1/4" x 13-5/8"
  • AC Input Voltage: 100–240V, 50/60Hz

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