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Revolutionize your Les Paul with 920d Custom’s push/pull upgrade. This setup provides several new tonal configurations to help you dial in your tone. The Bourns push/pull pots allow you to split your humbuckers into single-coil pickups, allows both pickups to be put out of phase, and can put both pickups in series. With 21 tonal variations, the 920d Custom wiring harness upgrade will give you and your Les Paul a library of tones to choose from.

PAF, or "Patent Applied For," humbuckers are basically the holy grail of the guitar world. The 920d Custom Smoothie humbuckers nail the PAF tone. The neck pickup is a little lower in output, and the bridge pickup is a little higher, but not too much—around DC Resistance 7.2k and 7.8K ohms, respectively. The pickups are well-balanced and dialed in to such a degree that you'll find yourself well on your way to legendary tone status.
920d Custom Combo Kit for Les Paul With Gold Smoothie Humbuckers and LP-JP Wiring Harness Gold

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