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7+ String Guitar Pickups

10% back in Gear Card Rewards**

10% back in Gear Card Rewards**

If you play a 7-string electric guitar, then it's pretty safe to assume that you've been playing the guitar for quite a while now - after all, the purpose of a 7-string guitar is to broaden the possibilities of what you can do on the fretboard. For this reason, 7-string guitar pickups are designed with your creativity and virtuosity in mind. In fact, the pickups in this selection come to you from the world's leading guitar pickup manufacturers, including DiMarzio, EMG and Seymour Duncan, amongst others.

Before choosing a 7-string guitar pickup, it helps to understand the difference between passive and active pickup models. In terms of output, active pickups require batteries but are better for players who want more clarity at higher volumes (ideal for fast, complex soloing), which is why they're preferred by so many metal guitarists. If this sounds like what you're after, then check out a top seller like the EMG EMG-81-7 7-String Guitar Active Pickup. Designed for leads, the razor-sharp attack and sustain of this pickup is best experienced on amps that are cranked to 10. Or, if it's a pickup pair that you're after, go with the Seymour Duncan Blackouts AHB-1s 7-String Phase II Active Humbucker Neck & Bridge Set. These pickups use balanced inputs with a differential preamp to reduce noise and are voiced specifically for heavy rock styles.

On the other hand, passive pickups don't need batteries and have the ability to respond to how lightly or intensely you play. Basically, if you hold dynamics in higher regard than volume, then passive pickups are the way to go. A popular passive pickup in this catalog is the DiMarzio DP719 D-Activator 7-String Neck Humbucker Pickup. The D Activator 7's two coils are tuned to different yet complementary frequencies which allows the pickup to respond clearly to your technique. From blues to jazz to rock, this pickup can handle any playing style.

Of course, you can get a better idea of which 7-string guitar pickup is right for you by taking a closer look at the specifics of each model, so feel free to start browsing at any time. Whether you're an intricate classical guitarist, an accomplished jazz extraordinaire or a head-banging metal shredder, you're definitely in the right spot for 7-string guitar pickups.