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Seymour Duncan 7+ String Guitar Pickups

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Since 1976, Seymour Duncan has remained a leader in the manufacture of humbucker, single-coil and P90 pickups. Even extended-string guitarists are lucky enough to benefit from Seymour Duncan's knack for pickup perfection. In this section you'll discover Seymour Duncan 7+ string guitar pickups in both active and passive pickup styles. Whether your tone tastes are on the bright, trebly side of things or the dark and chunky end of the sound spectrum, you'll find what you're looking for in this selection of Seymour Duncan 7+ string guitar pickups.

If you're an experienced metal guitarist, then there's a good chance you're familiar with an active pickup. For newcomers, the difference between passive and active pickups is simple: passive pickups have no additional components that need to be powered while active pickups do. The additional onboard battery-powered preamp on an active pickup lets you boost your signal and output to even greater heights. This is why they are so popular with guitarists who like to crank their volume to 10.

If an active pickup is what you're after, you'll find that Seymour Duncan specializes in a wide range of top-selling models, including the Blackouts AHB-1s 7-String Phase II Active Humbucker neck and bridge set. Voiced specifically for heavy rock, these pickups have incredible dynamic range and they use balanced inputs with a differential preamp to reduce hum. The Blackouts AHB-1s also come with the same top-notch 9V active pickup setup as the 6-string Blackouts.

Of course, there are plenty of metal shredders that prefer the classic sound of a passive pickup as well. Seymour Duncan offers a variety of passive pickup designs and the Pegasus 7-String Passive Guitar Pickup is a big hit with progressive metal guitarists. In fact, this pickup was created by Seymour Duncan during the rise of progressive metal. No matter how much gain sits on your tone, the Pegasus has the ability to evenly accentuate every note on your fretboard. Give this monster a shot and you'll be amazed by how clear every intricate chord and complex scale sounds.

When it comes to guitar pickups, is there any name more recognizable than Seymour Duncan? With so many world-class passive and active 7+ string guitar pickups in their catalog to consider, we wouldn't blame you if you spent all day browsing these options. After all, these are Seymour Duncan 7+ String guitar pickups, so you can bet that any one of these models would enhance your sound.