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EMG 7+ String Guitar Pickups

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If you own an electric guitar with more than six strings, then it's a safe assumption to make that you've been playing your instrument for quite a while now. If this is true, then you obviously don't need any introduction to guitar pickups and the essential role they play in your guitar sound. What you may not know, is that EMG 7+ string guitar pickups are preferred more often than not by today's greatest shredders. They've even earned praise from legendary metal/hard rock bands and artists like Metallica, Slayer, Zakk Wylde and Rammstein.

Before choosing an EMG 7+ string guitar pickup, there are two main questions to consider: do you play a 7- or 8-string guitar, and are you looking for a passive or active pickup model? When it comes to pickups, passive models are typically the most common - but not in EMG's case. In fact, what EMG is most championed for in the metal world is their active pickups. With the addition of an onboard preamp (powered by a battery), active pickups allow you to increase your signal level, EQ and filters. This extra versatility gives you more control over your guitar's tone even at higher volumes.

There are many top-selling active EMG pickups here for 7-string shredders. For example, the EMG-81-7 7-String Guitar Active Pickup is especially designed for lead guitarists and is best experienced with plenty of overdrive. Its razor sharp attack and blistering sustain will be sure to have you melting the faces off everyone in attendance at your next live gig. Another popular pickup to check out is the 707X. Since it was introduced in 2001, this pickup has been the standard by which all other 7-string guitar pickups are judged. It features Alnico V magnets and wide aperture coils to strengthen your low B tone. Whether you play jazzy chords or palm-muting chugs, you'll be blown away by the 707X active guitar pickup's amazing articulation and response.

And for all you metalheads who mastered 8-string guitars, there's a version of the 707X for you here as well: the 808X 8-string guitar pickup boasts EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System, a split shaft volume/tone control, battery clip set and an output jack. EMG even specializes in a passive 7-string pickup for those of you who want to keep things old-school: the HZ7-A is a dual-coil workhorse that will impress any headbanger who craves a high output from their axe. EMG has been a leader in the manufacture of guitar pickups since 1976, and EMG 7+ string guitar pickups are an obvious indication that they will continue leading their competition for many years to come.