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Yellow Guitar Straps

What do bees and the guitar straps found on these product pages have in common? They're both yellow, and they're both killer! A necessary accessory for guitarists, guitar straps are designed to keep your axe safely secured to your body during performances. The yellow guitar straps in this section are bold, bright and come to you from your favorite brands: Levy's, Perri's DiMarzio, and more, they're all here. There may even be a few brands here you haven't heard of, so make sure you check out all the options available because you never know which one will catch your eye.

One of the first things you'll notice about this catalog is that there are tons of straps that are considered best sellers. Straps like Perri's 2" Polyester Hootenanny Design Guitar Strap and D'Andrea's ACE Greenwich Vintage Reissue Strap offer the perfect place to start your search for the ideal strap. Both of these straps are adjustable to your desired length and feature eye-catching symmetrical designs that look fantastic during live performances. Levy's makes a similar strap as well, so if you're Levy's fan for life, you're going to want to take a closer look at their 2" Hootenanny Poly Strap.

Now, if you're here for a strap that's really "arresting," turn your attention to Perri's top-selling Police Line Leather Guitar Strap. Not only does this strap offer the ultimate in comfort with is soft, flexible leather construction, it looks really cool with its black-and-yellow airbrushed "Police Line Do Not Cross" graphic. Perri's also has a biohazard strap and a bright orange dept. of corrections strap, so if you're into warning labels, these are the straps for you.

And your choices don't end with the small sampling above. There are lots more straps to see and spending a bit of time in this section is the best way to browse them all. Whether you go with a neon-yellow strap, a golden lightning bolt strap or something entirely different, one thing is for sure - no matter what strap you choose, you're getting a well-made accessory that's more than ready for your next high-energy performance.