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Yamaha Classical & Nylon Guitars

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar
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Learning to play a nylon-stringed guitar is not only a challenge - it's a lot of fun too, especially when you're playing with an instrument that feels nice on your fingers and boasts a high level of sound quality. Of course, Yamaha puts the same hard work and passion into their classical guitars as they do with every other instrument they design, and this section has plenty of options to prove it. From entry-level models to stage-ready acoustic-electrics and much more, Yamaha has a nylon-stringed guitar for all skill levels and budgets. When choosing a classical guitar, it's important to consider your own needs and tastes before making a quick decision. For example, if you're new to the instrument, it's best to start out with a solidly-built guitar that's affordable and easy to play - and for that, Yamaha has just the answer. One of the most popular items in this catalog is the CGS Student Classical Guitar. Featuring a spruce top, meranti back and sides, a nato neck and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, the CGS has a very pleasant tone to complement its exceptional playability. It's also available in a selection of sizes to suit players of all ages. Now for those who are well-versed with the classical guitar and want an instrument that reflects their years of dedication to the instrument, look no further than the GC32 Handcrafted Classic Guitar. Made with meticulous attention to every detail, the GC32 is constructed entirely of solid woods, and its crisp sound and brilliant response would impress any discerning classical guitarist. A high-end beauty in every way, this guitar will have your intricate talents fully realized by everyone lucky enough to witness your performances. In addition to the guitars mentioned, Yamaha's classical and nylon-stringed selection is jam-packed with other stunning options as well. You'll even find beginner guitars that come with durable soft shell cases, as well as Yamaha's innovative Silent guitars that allow you to play through headphones and amplifiers anywhere, without limitations. Whatever you're looking for in a classical guitar, you can always count on Yamaha for a model that provides you with countless years of playing enjoyment.