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Solid State Bass Amplifier Heads

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In the tube vs. solid state battle, there never seems to be a clear winner - after all, every musician has their own preferences and tastes when it comes to amplifiers. Of course, there are plenty of bass players who will tell you why they prefer a solid state bass amp head over a tube model: there are so many upsides! Not only do solid state models produce an exceptionally tight bottom end, but they're usually much lighter and more compact compared to tube amp heads, making them a cinch to move to and from practices and performances.

Considering how many popular sellers make up this catalog, you might want to think about spending some time here to get a better idea of which one will suit your tastes best. Still can't decide where to begin? We'll suggest the TC Electronic BH250 250W Bass Amp Head. This super portable head has many cool features like Bass TonePrint: a unique option that lets you load free signature effects via the TonePrint app for smartphones. Additionally, it has an onboard tuner, the Sub'n'Up Octaver (allowing you to go up or down an octave and keep your tone clean or dirty), a vibrato effect and the SpectraComp multi-band compressor. All this and so much more at an incredible price makes the BH250 a huge seller for obvious reasons.

Now, for those who have plenty of wiggle room in their bank account, feast your eyes on the Orange Amplifiers OB1-500 500W Analog Bass Amp Head. What you have here is a state-of-the art 500-watt head that features OB1's innovative footswitchable Blend circuit to add gain and increased harmonic content to the upper registers of the input signal while the low frequencies stay warm and clear. The OB1 also has a distinctive "Bi-amp" design that splits the input instrument signal into two separate paths: one side amplifies the clean signal while the other adds up to two stages of distortion to the upper harmonics. Simply put, this may very well be the greatest bass amp you'll ever plug into.

Truthfully, we could go on forever about the solid bass amplifier heads in this section, but at this point we'll leave to do some exploring of your own. From Ampeg and Markbass to Peavey, Fender and Gallien-Krueger, only the top bass amp head manufacturers are offered here - so any one of these models would be a terrific place to start browsing.