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Ibanez 4 String Electric Bass

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The bass guitar is really an unsung hero in the music world, but that doesn't make it any less important. A crucial part of the rhythm section, electric bass guitars keep the groove alive whether you're jamming with friends, recording in the studio, or hitting the stage night after night as part of a touring act. If you're serious about your playing, you need a bass from a company that has the skills and the experience to keep you sounding your best. No doubt about it, that company is Ibanez. For nearly 60 years, Ibanez has been delivering quality four string electric bass guitars to performers all over the globe. With a genuine love for their craft, Ibanez Four String Electric Bass Guitars are instruments that you can trust. Ibanez knows that no two bass players are the same, so no two bass guitars should be the same. With a focus on diversity, Ibanez is proud to offer a wide variety of electric basses for players of all skills and styles. That's great news, because it means you shouldn't have any trouble finding the one that's perfect for you. If you're not entirely sure where to begin your search, why not have a look at some of our best sellers? For example, the GSRM20 Mikro Short-Scale Bass Guitar is a great option for young players and beginners who are looking for a bass that is both compact and powerful. With medium frets for easy action, and a PSNDP neck pickup and PSNDJ bridge pickup for incredible tone, this bass will have the rafters of your jam space rumbling in no time. If, on the other hand, you're a more established player that is looking for a bass that really cooks, you'll find a lot to love about the SR5000E Prestige Bass Guitar. This stunning bass offers a beautiful mahogany body and cutting edge electronics such as Bartolini Custom passive humbucking neck and bridge pickups. Elite in every way, this bass is a truly special instrument that you'll be proud to own. And these are only two or the many four string electric bass guitars available here from Ibanez. With looks you'll love and a sound that really grooves, a four string electric bass from Ibanez will no doubt get the job done for you.