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Dunlop Electric Guitar Strings

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In the music industry, the brands you really want to watch are the ones that start small and get big. The reason is simple: that's the easiest way to spot one that knows what it's doing. Dunlop is the perfect example. They were founded in 1965 as a modest, family-owned business and in the decades since, the tone and playability of their strings have made them into a top brand. With a wide variety of different gauges and styles to choose from, Dunlop electric guitar strings offer the perfect fit for you no matter what kind of music you like to play or where you like to play it. Finding the right set of strings in this section can be as simple as looking through all the options until one catches your eye. For example, the packaging of the Reverend Willy's Electric Guitar String Set really stands out - but you'll find that what's inside is even more impressive. Available in Extra Light, Light, Medium Light and Medium, these strings were designed in collaboration with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top to capture the "hot, blue and righteous" Texas tone that he made famous. And they're just one example of Dunlop signature strings: another would be the Kerry King Drop Tuning Icon Series Signature Set, which is made extra-durable to stand up to KFK's string-punishing vibrato and bends. If you're looking for a sound that really cuts through the mix, some sets you definitely ought to check out are the Dunlop Super Bright Series. These come in all kinds of varieties, from the Super Bright Light Top/Heavy Bottom Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings to the Super Bright Nickel Wound 8-String Electric Guitar Strings in 9-74. And there are plenty more where those come from - in fact, you can even stock right up with multiple sets thanks to cartons like the Dunlop Nickel Plated Steel Electric Guitar Strings Extra Heavy 6-Pack. The fact of the matter is that Dunlop brings a lot to the table for any guitarist. There are enough different kinds of Dunlop electric guitar strings to make sure everyone can find what they need. And that's just the beginning: even more important than that is their commitment to quality, which means you can trust every set of strings rolling off the line at their Benicia factory to sound as amazing as the last, not to mention feeling great to play.