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Red Guitar Straps

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Roses are red, violets are... actually, who cares about violets? Let's stop at red. If this is the color you want to wear onstage, either as your primary or as an accent, then this selection of red guitar straps is the perfect place to find a guitar sling fitting the aesthetic you're looking for. It's a pretty popular color, too, which is good news because it means there's a lot of choice awaiting you. Whether you like fabric, synthetics or leather, there are plenty of red-colored options available. What's more, there are even lots of different shades of red, so if you like to customize down to the last detail, you're off to a good start by checking out this section.

Like any color strap, you'll want to start by getting an idea of what you're looking for. Then you can narrow down your options to only the straps that best meet your needs. Take the Ernie Ball 2" Poly Strap and the Perri's 2" Poly Pro Guitar Strap for instance - these are highly affordable straps, which makes them perfect for newbies. They're practical choices as well, since their webbing is thin and flexible, allowing them to pack up tightly when it's time to move on to the next venue.

Is a more distinctive strap on the agenda? If so, you could stick with a textile and opt for the Lock-It Straps 2" Black Crushed Velvet Guitar Strap, or maybe try out a pattern with something like the Levy's 2" Southwest Navajo Print Nylon Guitar Strap. Looking for the traditional look and feel of a leather guitar strap? In that case, there are tons of red options, including the Levy's 2 1/2" Electric Snake Embossed Leather Strap, the Gibson Modern Vintage Leather Strap with Memory Foam Pad, and the Perri's 2" Italian Leather Reversible Guitar Strap, which gives you the option to easily change from red to black by flipping it over.

No matter which one it turns out to be, the perfect addition to your strap collection is almost certainly waiting in this lineup of red guitar straps. All you have to do is find it, which as it turns out, is pretty easy! Use the sidebar filters to your advantage, and narrow down the selection by whatever criteria you like - and if you want to know more about the top-rated and best-selling straps, don't hesitate to read the reviews to see what other guitarists have to say about them!