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Although it was the bass that really put Sterling on the map, things have definitely changed since that beginning. Today, Sterling by Music Man guitars are just as popular as their four-string counterparts. It's no surprise once you've seen the instruments in this section - they're high-end electric guitars made to a standard of design, craftsmanship and tone that'll impress even the toughest critics. Every day, more and more musicians are adding Sterling by Music Man guitars to their collections... maybe it's your turn to join them. The top priority for Sterling is to make great guitars available to every aspiring player. You could be shopping for your very first axe or you could be John Petrucci himself - it doesn't matter. Either way, there's an instrument here that will be the perfect fit for you. Start by taking your experience level into account, and then consider the kinds of features you'd like to have on your guitar. For instance, if you're a beginner, the Sterling by Music Man SILO3 Electric Guitar would be an excellent axe to learn on. With its HSS pickup layout and stock tremolo bridge, there's a ton of versatility built into the SILO3 right from the factory. Maybe you've already got a few years of playing under your belt and you're looking for a stage-ready model? If that's the case, take a look at the Sterling by Music Man LK100D Electric Guitar. This instrument is based on Music Man's LIII model, designed hand-in-hand with Steve Lukather. Its highlights include the DiMarzio Signature "Transition" DP254 and DP255 humbuckers, which give this guitar a tone you'll have to hear to believe. If there's one thing we can say about Sterling by Music Man guitars, it's that they've fully grown into their name over the years. After all, it would be right on the money to say these instruments are backed by a sterling reputation. They offer the right combination of classic style, modern hardware, solid build quality and peerless tone - plus, they do it with the right price tag. Anyone can own a Sterling by Music Man guitar, which is good news since they give you every reason to want one!