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Soprano Saxophone Reeds

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No matter what type of saxophone you play, the reed you use needs to be chosen carefully to ensure it fits your style and skill level appropriately. Of course, some saxophones are more challenging to play than others, and this most definitely includes the soprano. Along with the sopranino, the soprano is the highest pitched instrument in the sax family (one octave above the alto and two more than the baritone). Thanks to stars like Kenny G, the soprano is a popular sax model, so you'll have no problem finding a soprano sax reed that's professionally crafted to bring the best out of your performance.

Since every saxophonist has their own unique embouchure (lip shaping and use of facial muscles), finding the right reed for you can be better determined by trying out as any types as possible. Remember, reeds come in strengths ranging from soft to hard (1 being the softest, 2 being the hardest), and your experience and personal tastes will be deciding factors in which strength is best for you. With that in mind, some reeds are more suitable for certain types of music than others. For example, jazz soprano saxophonists around the world prefer Vandoren ZZ Soprano Saxophone Reeds. Available in strengths of 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4, these reeds are among the top sellers in this catalog. With their lightning quick response and exceptional free-blowing characteristics, Vandoren ZZ reeds will be sure to impress any discerning jazz saxophonist.

Now for all you classical saxophone players, turn your attention over to the Alexander Reeds Classique Soprano Saxophone Reeds. Made from wild grown Var cane, these reeds come in strengths of 3, 3.5 and 4. Each reed is checked under light for flatness and, if necessary, is hand adjusted to ensure it's nothing short of perfect. Simply put, these soprano reeds boast a wide palate of expression and produce a warm, well-balanced tone.

So there you have it. Whether you're an experienced stage veteran or still in the early stages of your playing journey, this catalog is chock-full of soprano saxophone reeds to suit every budget. From Vandoren and Rico to Alexander Reeds, Bari and countless others, all the big names are here, so dive in when you're ready and take a look at the rest of your options.