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Professional Soprano Saxophones

From the smooth stylings of Kenny G to the stunning improvisational skills of Wayne Shorter, some of the greatest musicians of all time made names for themselves with soprano saxophones. Of course, legends like the two mentioned didn't showcase their talents with any run-of-the-mill saxophone model. They delivered the goods with professional soprano saxophones that were designed with their ambitions in mind - and if you have dreams of one day blowing audiences away on the world's most prestigious stages, you'll need one too.

To speed up your search, it helps to consider a few factors, including how much you're willing to spend, and whether or not you want a curved or straight professional soprano model. If it's a solidly-constructed straight soprano sax with a generous price tag that you're on the prowl for, Oleg may have just the answer. The Oleg Maestro Straight Soprano Saxophone is a one-of-a-kind work of art that boasts easy playing action, a rich tone and an elegant, eye-catching design. Oleg is renowned for their blend of art, technology, craftsmanship and acoustic science and their Maestro line perfectly exemplifies their dedication to innovation.

Now for those who prefer a curved soprano sax, you certainly have an impressive variety of choices. For example, the P. Mauriat 2400 Series Curved Soprano Saxophone is a charming instrument with exceptional keywork and a range that covers low Bb to high F#. Sporting a dark, brushed antique lacquer and featuring a detachable curved neck, the PMSS-2400 has the shimmering looks and boisterous tone to make your next performance a night to remember.

And there's many other straight and curved professional soprano saxophones as well. Honestly, exploring this selection is like taking a trip through an exhibit of some of the finest soprano saxophones crafted today. So take your time, consider your own needs and preferences, and before you know it, you'll be playing a professional soprano saxophone that will leave your audiences breathless.