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Soprano Saxophones

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The soprano saxophone has a rich history that stretches all the way back to the early 1800s. It gained a huge amount of publicity in the '60s with legends like John Coltrane, and in the late '80s and early '90s it gained even more adoration thanks to Kenny G: the most successful saxophonist of all time. Of course, you don't have to be a famous star to own a soprano saxophone that looks, feels and plays beautifully. Companies like Allora, Jupiter, Selmer and countless others each construct high-quality beginner and intermediate soprano saxophones, and they all can be found in these pages alongside professional models.

The soprano saxophone that's best for you will depend on your skill level. While student saxophones don't have as many five-star parts as professional ones, you can still find plenty of top-notch student models. For proof, check out the Jupiter 547GL Deluxe Soprano Saxophone. This sax sports a gold lacquered one-piece body and keys, high F# key and tilting G#-Bb spatula keys. It also comes with a neck strap, mouthpiece, cork grease, silk weave cleaning cloth and a durable wood frame case - making this an excellent choice for any aspiring soprano saxophonist.

For all you students who want to move one step closer to the big leagues, an intermediate saxophone is just the answer. These instruments boast many first-class features, and the Amati ASS62 Soprano Saxophone is certainly no slouch. This beauty contains a European brass body, French-style spatulas and a high F# key. From its exceptional intonation to its smooth playability, the ASS62 is a perfect example of how close an intermediate sax can get to a pro-level model. Speaking of which, any stage veteran would be impressed by the P. Mauriat 2400 Series Curved Soprano Saxophone. This curved soprano has a dark, brushed antique lacquer, a detachable curved neck and an eye-catching matte finish. From its explosive projection to its female voice-like tone, the PMSS-2400 was made truly for masters of their craft.

Honestly, there's too many stunning models to mention here, so your best bet is to see them for yourself. This selection of soprano saxophones has something for every budget, and finding one that's ideal for you is as simple as taking a closer look at each of your options. No doubt, you'll know the right soprano saxophone for you when you see it.