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Professional Concert Baritone Horns

The baritone horn may be most common in marching bands and brass bands, but those aren't the only places where its sound can fit in. When you're playing at the professional level, that's something you probably know full well. And whether you're in a world-class band or even an orchestra, if you want to show off your skills to the fullest, it stands to reason you need an instrument ready for the task. You can find that instrument here, in this selection of professional concert baritone horns. Like every baritone horn, they have the versatility to play bass clef and transposed treble clef with equal ease. Plus, they're built to meet the highest standards, so you'll be well-equipped no matter your professional needs.

A fine example of a professional-grade concert baritone horn is the Besson BE955 Sovereign Series Bb Baritone Horn. As you'd expect from a high-end instrument, it delivers impressive responsiveness and has very smooth-acting valves. On top of that, the BE955 can also boast a large bell which helps it live up to the 'concert' label with fantastic projection and clarity that reaches the furthest corners of the hall. Besson's Sovereign line has a stellar reputation, and this horn makes it easy to see (and hear!) why.

Maybe you're looking for a compensating valve system instead of the traditional 3-valve layout? There's another Besson model to check out in that case: the BE2056 Prestige Series Bb Baritone Horn. Offering a choice of silver or lacquer finishes and a 4-valve system with outstanding intonation, this instrument could be fairly described as the definitive concert horn. Like its 3-valve cousin, it features a bell and bore proportioned for concert work, making it a perfect fit in the professional brass band.

Deciding between the traditional 3-valve and compensating 4-valve layouts will be the biggest decision to make in this section. From there, it's easy to narrow down the professional concert baritone horns to your top picks. And with top-rated, best-selling instruments like the Besson models mentioned above, it's safe to say that world-class craftsmanship and tone are well within your reach right here.