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Concert Baritone Horns

Since the 18th century, the baritone horn has been a mainstay in countless concert bands and orchestras. Often, baritone horns are referred to as euphoniums because the two instruments share a lot of similarities. The main difference between the two is that euphoniums use 4 valves while baritone horns typically use only 3 (although baritone horn models with 4 valves are available). These days, musicians have an impressive variety of concert baritone horns to pick from. From Besson and Jupiter to Getzen and Kanstul, these companies are well known among baritone hornists because of the exceptional quality of their concert baritone horns.

In this section you'll find concert baritone horns for students, intermediates and professional players alike. If you're new to the instrument, try a model like the Jupiter 360L 3/4 size Bb Student Baritone. Available in both lacquer and silver finishes, this stunning horn has an upright bell, nickel silver outer slides, three stainless steel pistons and a .531" bore. With the 360L, your baritone horn skills will improve quickly and your talents will surely stand out to any audience.

Or, if you've passed the early stages of playing and want to move to a horn with four valves instead of three, go with the King 2266 / 2268 Artist Series 4-Valve Baritone Horn. Equipped with 1st and 2nd valve slide pull rings and a 3rd valve for fast intonation adjustment, this horn comes in your choice of bell front (2266) and upright (2268) versions. Boasting a .562" bore and 11" bell, you'll have no problem making your performance heard when you're playing one of these striking horns.

In addition to the two models mentioned, there are many other concert baritone horns that merit a closer look. If you're an experienced player, feast your eyes on Besson's BE2056 Prestige Series Bb Baritone Horn or their BE955 Sovereign Series Bb Baritone Horn: either model would be a great way to reward yourself for those years of hard work and dedication. Whether you've been playing for years or just started yesterday, the perfect concert baritone horn for you is sitting in these pages.